Podcast #14: Our Favorite Products

After a few weeks of radio silence, our latest podcast is up and running! Download and listen fo free on iTunes, here!

Erika starts the show off with a resounding ring of our new gong! We were lucky to receive this beautiful gong as a gift from a gong company... which is awesomely random. Anyways, we've been travelling a lot. We've been at trade shows, on planes, in grocery stores, and spreading the Wild Friends love across the country. But today we aren't talking about our company, we're talking about all the other companies and foods we love!

Nutiva Chia Seeds
22 Days Bars
Plum Organics
Zinger water bottle
Tylenol PM
Petunia's Bakery (here in Portland, OR)

Stumptown Coffee
Nancy's Organic Yogurt/Cottage Cheese
Nutiva Hemp Protein
Sally's Smart Almonds
Ginger People Face Lotion
Salazon Chocolate Bars

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