Weekend Sunshine

Erika and I joined our friends in Bend, Oregon for a relaxing weekend in the sunshine. It turned out to be the absolute perfect weather to shut off the computer and venture into the outdoors. 

On Saturday we hiked down to the river and ate lunch with our feet in the rushing water, soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the sweet high desert air!

Of course we brought along a few packets of our Sesame Cranberry peanut butter for dessert.

There's nothing better than watching our friends enjoy our creations... brings us back to why we started our company in the first place. Making delicious, healthy food and sharing it with our friends.

Dogs are the perfect companion to have around to get those last pesky scraps out of the packet...

I left my phone unmonitored all weekend, my laptop abandoned in my backpack. I didn't so much as take a single photo all weekend (thank you for the beautiful photos, Jinx)

Even though leaving the whirlpool of emails and voicemails can be hard to do, I'm constantly reminded how essential it is to take a mental break from the virtual world and remember why we started this crazy company in the first place.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

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