Dove Lewis 5K Event

The majority of our sampling events are held inside grocery stores. This is usually preferable during the rainy, cooler months of the year. However, now that it is summer here in Portland, being cooped up inside a grocery store is not ideal!

Recently I was invited to be a part of a 5k run/walk for Dove Lewis, a non-profit animal organization here in Portland.  When I heard that it would be outside and attended by both athletes and their dogs, I jumped at the chance!

Even better, my mom came and helped me!  As a HUGE dog lover, it wasn't hard to convince her.  It was different than other sampling events because we got to share our peanut and almond butter with dogs!  Not our usual cliental...

We were a very popular booth with the pooches. This costumed dog was one of my favorites!  He couldn't wait to try a sample.  The best part of giving samples to dogs...they're guaranteed to like it.

I also used Dave's Killer Bread to spread our nut butter on.... Pretty much the best bread and nut butter combination EVER!

Runners and their furry counterparts enjoyed the bread and nut butter pre/post race!  Just look at that dog's concentration... He can smell the peanut butter.

This runner and his dog were incredible.  They ran at a 6 minute mile pace!  While the runner was (understandably) tired post race, his dog crossed the finished line looking like he'd just gone for a casual walk.  What a beast...a very unassuming beast.

It was super fun to be able to share some Wild Friends love with this awesome group of active Portlanders! This event was great because people in Portland have a special place in their hearts for dogs...and for nut butter.  Trust me.

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