Here's what I've been up to as of late.

With all of the planes, cars and Costcos we find ourselves in, a free afternoon is so rare.  This afternoon we took advantage of the sunshine and went for a trail run!

Keeley and I decided it had been too long since we'd made an awesome home cooked dinner.  Between traveling and Costco roadshows, there are very few nights of the week that we've been home at a reasonable hour to actually go to the grocery store, buy ingredients and follow a recipe.

But this night we made it happen and let me tell you...it was delish!  Definitely the best meal I've had in a while.

We made an awesome asian inspired slaw with a wasabi soy dressing from one of our fave bloggers Tracy-from Shutterbean.  We had a mad craving for shrimp so we followed this simple but unique salt-grilled shrimp recipe from Bon Appetit.  It was absolutely incredible.  So simple yet so flavorful!

Also, I made guacamole!  I'm pretty sure I could live off of this..

I had the urge to bake something but I didn't really feel like turning on the oven, so I made some no-bake energy bars with our Vanilla Espresso almond butter.  They were awesome.  Recipe coming soon!

We found ourselves on yet another adventure.  This time we went to Philly-to the QVC headquarters!  Last Thursday (6/6) we went live on QVC.  It was a crazy, surreal but super fun experience.  If you didn't get the chance to watch, here is a link to the video!

Here we are about 45 seconds before we went live!  Just look at all of those delicious peanut butter filled treats on display.  Sandwiches, waffles, fondue, muffins, cookies, brownies, granola-so many things!  They really go all out on QVC.  Basically anything we wanted them to make with our peanut butter they did.  It was incredible.  And all for just 7 minutes of TV.  The best part was that afterwards all of the QVC crew feasted on this PB spread.   

The night we got home from our trip the temperature was just right for a picnic.  So we grabbed a blanket, salad, bread, salami and wine and enjoyed the summery evening with a friend.  It was blissful, especially after spending hours in cramped planes and airports. 

The next day we found ourselves at another Costco doing yet another roadshow.  That's just Costco's fancy term for a crazy 3 day long sampling event.  We set up at various Costco locations Friday-Sunday from open to close.  It's totally exhausting.  Buuuut worth it when Shark Tank fans like this guy ask for my autograph and a picture.  

What a weird/cool life I live.

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