A Week in My Life

Here's what I have been up to this week...

One day started with a summer brunch enjoyed outside with friends.  These berry waffles stole the show -- especially after they were topped with some Cinnamon Raisin PB...and bacon!

Have I mentioned how awesome my parents are?

One day they came over and I made dinner while they did yard work in our yard jungle.  They are pretty much the best.  And really, how adorable is my mom.  Note her awesome sparkly watch!

This is what I made them for dinner!  I'm all about grilling right now.  These are spiced salmon and lemon kebabs--inspired by the great Bon Appetit.  

Holy yumminess, they were awesome.

Have you ever grilled romaine lettuce?  I hadn't and it totally blew my mind!  It was lettuce...but better!  It was smokey, charred and delicious.

My weekend was spent at Costco hanging out with cool kids like these ones!  They loved our peanut butter, and for that, I loved them!  We totally connected.  Peanut butter just has a way of bringing people together. #true story.

So even though my birthday is in June, we celebrated this past week with friends, bbq and CAKE.  Cake being the most important, obviously...   

I hope this picture conveys how happy I was in this moment.  On my lap is an "Erika friendly" ice cream cake.  Graham cracker and pecan crust, coconut caramel ice cream, topped with a layer of homemade ganache.  No gluten, no dairy.  Basically the best dessert ever.  No joke.  

Keeley and I are very dedicated when it comes to celebrating each other's birthday.  A homemade dessert is always involved.  Since I can't eat just any ol' dessert, it takes much thought and planning.  This cake has been in the works for weeks and I was so happy to sink my teeth into it.  So thanks Keeley for creating this heavenly masterpiece!  I just wish it had lasted longer than 3 days...

I started a new book this week!  I'm very excited about it for two reasons.  

Number one-It has to do with food and how the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) transform stuff from nature into things to eat and drink.  Cool, right?!  

Number two-It's written my Michael Pollan, one of my fave authors!

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