Our Expanding Team

We have exciting news: Our team has expanded!


Ever since Keeley and I began this crazy peanut butter journey, we have looked forward to the about the day when we would have a larger team. Working with eachother is super fun, but we have dreamed about being a "real" company with fellow "Squirrels" to brainstorm goals, swap ideas and share exciting news with.  Well we are thrilled to say that day has finally come!

We recently brought on two awesome summer interns, April and Sarah, and couldn't be more excited! Read on to learn a bit more about these cool ladies...


I was born & raised in... Portland, Oregon and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My college major was... Marketing.

My spirit animal is... a dog. They are so in-tune with us and make the greatest companions!

My greatest hidden talent is... crafting! I’m a closet-crafter! I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and usually adapt the things I find on there and make them into my own little unique projects but only my close friends and family usually get to see my creations!

I never leave home without... my iPhone and chapstick. I’m ashamed to say that I feel lost without my iPhone in my back pocket but it’s true! And I am a chapstick addict - I hate having dry lips so I make sure to always have at least one tube of chapstick with me at all times!

On a rainy day you can find me... at home lounging on the couch with my boyfriend and cat with some sort of movie marathon taking place.

My "last supper" would consist of... something with PB of course! I’m a really picky eater but PB has always been a staple in my diet! All through elementary school I had PB sandwiches for lunch, like, literally every single day! Sometimes I would mix it up and have PB and honey, or PB and rice krispies, or PB and chocolate chips - never PB and jelly though... yes, I know I’m a bit odd!

Favorite flavor of Wild Friends is... Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter!


I was born/raised in... Anthem, Arizona.

My college major was... sustainability.

My spirit animal is... a jackalope.

My greatest hidden talent is... air hockey! A middle school summer camp brought about the surprising discovery when I was deemed champ after beating all of the boys.

I never leave home without... natural lip balm and a smile

On a rainy day you can find me... on a hike with my iPod in hand. I absolutely love the rain!

My "last supper" would consist of... fresh fruit galore and every combination of delicious baked goodies you could imagine.

In the next 5 years I hope to... graduate college, travel, be inspired by meeting new people, impact the lives of others for the better, and pursue my passions- wherever they may lead!

Favorite flavor of Wild Friends is... Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter. On toast with sliced bananas, and a cup of coffee. Mmm!

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