Podcast #15: Finding Our Summer Groove

We're back on our podcast game! Thanks for your patience. We've been inside Costco warehouses... and outside in the beautiful weather. You can download the new podcast (and leave reviews/comments!) here.

On that note: staying focused in the summer is hard! We don't want to work... we just want to play. So, how can we keep our work brains focused when it's sunshine-y outside and our friends are on summer vacation?

We swap tips and ultimately consult a (super-reliable) source for tips -- USA Today. (Check out the article here!) They have a few good tips... Although it is determined that Erika is not interested in meditating (or in receiving tips). Somehow we suspect the staff writers at USA Today have just as much difficulty staying put in their cubicles as we do!

We discuss the importance of being realistic about how much can really get done in a day... and dreaming big on how much we can achieve in a year! The little tasks all add up.

Well, that's all for now! We have lots of tricks up our sleeves... so stay tuned!

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