So That's What a Vacation Feels Like...

Last week was pretty amazing.  I took a vacation to visit my sister in D.C.!

She has been living back east since last September and ever since she moved I've been dying to visit. As I was sitting on the plane, I realized that this was the first time since the company started that I have taken a real vacation.  And by that I mean, NO work obligations for the whole week I was there.  It was amazing and strange all at once.

One of the perks to running your own business is the freedom to design your own schedule.  So I decided it was time to take advantage of that perk and take a break, unplug from all of the chaos, and

One of my favorite ways to explore a new city is through the food!  Searching out cool restaurants, reading reviews and pouring over online menus may be at the top of my "hobbies" list.  It's almost an obsession...

I've often wondered if this is an actual job.  If so, I would be an excellent candidate.


My sister Andrea and I scoped out some of the "Best of D.C." restaurants and had some pretty amazing meals!  From sushi, to Ethiopian, to Latin...it was all amazing.

Also...I celebrated my 22nd birthday while in D.C.!  I decided being in a new city on your birthday makes the day seem WAY more exciting.  I'm making a mental note of that!

We dressed up all fancy and then my sister took me out to a D.C. hot spot called Nora's, the first certified organic restaurant... ever.  How cool is that?
     We did some sight seeing on the National Mall!  I felt very patriotic.
Something I learned while visting D.C., is that the squirrels there are VERY agressive!  It was shocking!  So get this.  My sister and I were walking around by the Capitol building and I saw a squirrel and naturally thought how fun it would be to get a good picture of a real squirrel by our packet.  Let me stress the by.  I had no intention of him/her actually grabbing the packet and running away and then consuming it!  But it happened.  

I don't think PETA would be too happy with me.

Out of anyone I know, there is no one that can beat the genuine enthusiasm and support that my sister has for everything I do on a personal and professional level.  She has and always is my biggest fan and that is no exception when it comes to all things Wild Friends!

So I wasn't surprised when she had planned a PB tasting for all of her co-workers the week I was there :-)  I set up my little display and then after work fed lots of hungry and VERY excited MSH employees.  They were all lovin the packets!

One of the things I loved most about being in D.C. is the sense of importance that lingers through the air.  Being surrounded by the beautiful, old buildings, national monuments and hundreds of people in suits makes it very exciting.  There seems to be a greater sense of urgency there... much different than Portland.  One could argue that there is no urgency in Portland!  And whether that's a good or bad thing I don't know.  It's just a different vibe back on the east coast and it was refreshing to be surrounded by that energy.

I just wish I could've met THE power couple.  But unfortunately they didn't have time for me so I had to settle with their cardboard cutouts...Next time!

After a week of exploring D.C. with my sister I realized a few things.

1. I understand why people take vacations.  They rock!  And are absolutely necessary to feel like a normal person.
2. D.C. is full of exciting energy, history, good food and lots of CVS pharmacies.  Oh, and very attractive men...
3.  I think I will always travel for my birthday.
4.  Hailing cabs is super empowering yet can be absolutely frustrating.  
5.  I have the best sister in the entire world!!!

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