We Don't Know You

Hello... to all of you. You... the people who buy our peanut butter. You know who you are.

We haven't met most of you. We've certainly met a lot of you: the enthusiastic customers at our store samplings, the awesomely supportive Facebook commenters, the frequent emailers (P.S... all you guys are totally awesome).

So even though we've met hundreds of customers in several states, sometimes it occurs to us that there must be so many more of you. After all, we've sold tens of thousands of jars -- they must be in so many different pantries acros the country! So, hello, mysterious customers... I wonder what you're like. Where do you live? What are you up to right now? How's your day going?

Do you eat our Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter on your toast in the morning while sipping on your soy latte? Do you make your kids an after-school snack of Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter and apple slices? Perhaps you eat our Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter out of the jar... with a spoon... at midnight. (Note: if you haven't done this... I highly recommend it.)

Maybe you keep your peanut butter in the pantry, because you like to drizzle or spread your nut butters onto oatmeal or toast. Maybe you prefer the fudgey texture of cold nut butter (I hear ya, midnight spoonful eaters).

I can imagine your various grocery lists, the words "peanut butter" or "almond butter" scrawled into the margin. You enter the peanut butter aisle... your eyes scroll through the selections. Why did you pick up your first jar of Wild Friends? Maybe you liked the squirrel. Maybe the combination of honey and pretzels in your peanut butter intrigued you. Maybe you're a Shark Tank fan? Only you know the answer to this question... I'm just speculating here.

Maybe you picked up the jar and scanned the nutrition panel first, before you settled in it next to your eggs and produce. I bet at least one of you has found a rogue jar of Chocolate Coconut in your cart halfway to check out, placed in there by your mischievous child who liked the idea of chocolate peanut butter (if this is you... we hope you let him keep it).

Either way, we're honored that our nut butters seem to find their way into your grocery carts, your pantries and your lives. In some small way, we like to think we're making your breakfast, lunch or snack a little happier.

After all, every one of you -- customers, blog readers, and supporters alike -- has certainly made our lives a lot more rewarding and exciting. We'll never meet most of you, but it is truly amazing how the simplest things on earth (like jars of peanut butter) have the ability to connect us all. Thank you!

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  1. Dear Wild Squirrel Girls: I LOVE your nut butters. At any given time there are at least two jars in my fridge. I could write a love letter to the vanilla espresso almond butter. I could not have been more thrilled to meet you at Costco a few months back. I feel a little thrill when I see your honey pretzel p.b. there. You are amazing and so are your nut butters!