A Week in My Life

Here's what my past week has looked like:

My uncle is visiting from Florida and one night we drove out to this little place called Tad's for dinner. It's right on the Sandy River and has been there for 70 years...crazy!  Their signature dish is chicken and dumplings-as you can tell from the sign.  They still serve their original recipes, hardly anything about the menu or decor has changed.  As tempting as their signature dish sounded, I stuck with salmon!

We have been hosting some investor meetings over the past couple of weeks and Keeley's sister Mckinna came to show her support!  People always think she is our older sister...

Keeley and I discovered this awesome little coffee shop by our house.  Of course they serve their drinks in mason jars.  #Portlandia.

Our intern April made a recipe this week for dogs, they were called "pup"-sicles!  How cute is that?

I know many of you have dogs and if you make these for them they will love you even more! Recipe here.  Make them!

So remember how I borrowed my neighbor's dog Lucy last week?  Well this week, I borrowed Oscar-my other neighbors dog.  Dog swap!  Wait, I don't have a dog to swap...Dog borrow!

Oscar was a great model and couldn't get enough of these treats.

I made another batch of these 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies.  If you haven't made them I highly recommend it!  1 cup Wild Friends peanut or almond butter, 1 cup sugar and 1 egg!  I added shredded coconut to spice them up a bit.  Mix and bake cookie dough balls for 8-10 minutes.    That's it and that's all.

I had a helper with this batch. Cutest cookie monster EVER.

I spent some quality time in a Costco warehouse sampling and selling our PB.  Also, posing with small purse dogs.  This dog gave me quite the scare when it popped out of her purse! I got over it though when I realized it weighed 2 pounds.

I spend my hours in Costco with this girl.  I don't know what I would do without her!  Best counter part ever.

I started a new project this week which I'm excited about.  More to come later!

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