A Week in My Life

Last week Keeley and I were traveling!

We went to NYC!  It was my first time visiting, so it was all new to me.  This city is unlike anything I have experienced.  No matter what time of day it was, there was an incredible/overwhelming amount of energy and noise floating around.  It really is the city that never sleeps...

We went to the city for both work and play.  Some markets in the city have started to carry our products so we decided to combine store visits with a trip to see one of our best friends Lily!  She has an amazing internship in New York and we missed her...so we decided that was a good excuse to extend the trip.

Pictured here is a fellow Oregonian who moved to New York and came to see us!

One morning before Lily went to work we went out to breakfast at this awesome diner...something that the west coast doesn't really have.  There are cute diners open all day everywhere in NYC!  That seemed very odd to me.

Afterwards we walked Lil to work and then went and explored!

First stop was to the famous Magnolia Bakery.  This shop is known for their amazing cakes and cupcakes, so much so, that people literally stand outside the window and watch the ladies frost the cakes.  I definitely was one of those people before I took this picture.  Have you ever watched an expert frost a cake?  It's captivating.

We ate very well while we were traveling.  We found a lot of cute cafes that had healthy options and also frequented many Whole Foods!  Aka our saving grace when we travel.  Traveling would be so much more painful if their hot bars didn't exist.

We have a love affair with Whole Foods and have made a pact that we will visit all the Whole Foods in the country!  There are about 330.  We've gone to 50, give or take.  We have a long way to go but we are so up for the challenge.

One of the coolest places that we visited was Chelsea Market.  The market is buzzing with artisan shops and restaurants to explore.  My favorite was a little store that had a huge selection of different olive oils and vinegar.  My favorite was a butternut squash infused olive oil.  It was strangely delicious.

We spent one day in Brooklyn, which is supposedly Portland's sister city.  It had similar slower paced atmosphere like Portland and lots of cool shops filled with cool people-like this one!  Mast Brothers is a chocolate company based in Brooklyn and they roast and grind all of their own cacao beans in house then add unique and very high quality ingredients like coffee beans, sea salt, chili peppers etc. 

I wish I could share the aroma of this place.  It was one of the best smells I have ever experienced.  So chocolatey, so roasty, so comforting.  Mmmmmmm.

One night we went and saw Matilda on Broadway!  It was absolutely incredible to watch the kids of the cast sing and dance their hearts out on stage.  Very inspiring.  

You know the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally?  If you don't, well then educate yourself here.

We went here, to Katz's Deli!  Lily really wanted to take us to a classic NY deli.  I honestly went with no expectations, seeing as I can't eat their main attraction, sandwiches (due to the gluten).  But I was far from disappointed, quite the opposite actually!  I had the most amazing pastrami, and honestly one of the most amazing meals I've ever eaten.  No joke!  I just ate the meat without the bread and had some of their famous split pea soup, sauerkraut and house made pickles.  I was oh so happy.  Sometimes the most unexpected meals are the best.

I was sitting on a bench when I took this picture.  We had walked all day.  And by all day I am not exaggerating!  We figured we covered about 13 miles that day.  My feet and my brain were so happy in this moment.  Walking around and discovering a new city on foot is both exciting and exhausting.  You see things that you would miss if you were driving in a car or on public transit.  But after 13 miles of walking, the bench and this park seemed heavenly.  I've decided people watching in a new city is a very under appreciated activity-you can learn a lot about a place by just observing...and free!  

After hearing about this magical, bustling 8 million person city my whole life, I am finally happy to say that I have experienced it.  I experienced the subways, the walking, the diners, the delis, the humidity, the fast paced motion, the accents, Times Square and more.  I'm happy I went but it made me realize how much I love little Portland, Oregon.  

So calm, so quiet, so clean.

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