Weekend Weblinks

We're traveling on the East Coast this weekend -- from Boston to New York. We're excited to see one of our best friends who recently moved to the city and sample our peanut butters at some local stores.

While we are in NY we will be going to see The Matilda Musical -- can't wait!

Our evenings are usually spent catching up on work, but recently we haven't gone to bed without watching an episode of our new favorite TV show. We're obsessed!

As soon as I get home to our home kitchen, I'm making this intriguing pizza.

Cilantro pesto also sounds totally delicious.

I enjoyed reading about this Broadway star's workout.

Erika and I have both been enjoying The Skimm as our way to keep up with the daily news -- busy ladies who want to keep up to date should check it out!

The always amazing Andrea with an oldie but goodie that hit home with me: How Real do We Want to Be?

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