A Week in My Life

Here's a look into my past week-

I was on the radio!  Missy Maki hosts an awesome show on Sunday mornings all about food.  The best kind of radio show in my opinion...

Keeley and I were on her show last year and she invited us back again.  It was so fun!

Not only does she have her own radio show, but she also works at a popular hotel downtown, has a fun food blog and is a new mother to twins!  And I thought I was busy.  She's basically super woman...
We were in the New Seasons Ad this past week!  This was the first chain we got our products into almost 2 years ago, so they have a special place in our peanut butter hearts.

I found these beauties on a walk!  Sunflowers have magical powers.  The moment I see one my mood is instantly boosted.

Here is the lovely April sampling our products at a Whole Foods near Portland.

We have the best interns.  Really though...no joke!  I feel incredibly lucky to have April and Sarah promoting us.  Also, having multiple demos going on at once is a miracle--team work!

One afternoon I had a visitor.  I was standing on our porch with the door open when this handsome and very confident cat walked right into the house.  And no I didn't protest.  Cats are cool!

He went into every room.  I don't know what he was looking for...

Maybe he smelled the chicken soup I was making?

Sarah, our other crazy, cool intern stopped by before a Whole Foods demo!  I'm kind of jealous of her blue Prius.  Reason 1) Amazing gas mileage!  2) It's our squirrel blue color!

She's sportin' her Wild Friends tee and also if you look closely you will see she put one of our stickers on her car!  That's dedication right there.

Every time I ride my bike I discover something new about this city.  This day I discovered a new picnic spot with some friends.

One of our best friends Ariel came to visit!  We all lived together for a while in Eugene so it feels like old times when she comes and sleeps over.  She will always and forever be our third roommate!

Last Sunday Ariel started an epic solo bike tour from Astoria, Oregon to San Diego, California last. How amazingly awesome and adventurous is she?!  #Ihavereallycoolfriends

To follow her journey, check out her site here!

As usual I spent my weekend in Costco.  I have learned so much about people from the hundreds of hours I have sampled and sold our products at Costco.  Number one lesson...free samples are a way to a Costco members <3.

Hope all of you are enjoying a great week!

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