A Week in My Life

Here's what my past week looked like-

Our episode re-aired on Shark Tank!  This is the third time our episode has aired and every time we get more exposure annnnd more Facebook likes!  I absolutely love getting more "likers" on FB.  It makes me way to excited.

Even though I'm not in school anymore I still love the idea of after school snacks.  I remember as a kid eating all sorts of crackers, fruit and sweet little treats after school.  It was the reward after making it through a hard day of elementary school...life was so hard back then ;-)

These Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter cookies are the perfect after school or anytime snack.

Our jars went on a tree climbing adventure.  There was a squirrel that came to investigate but he scurried away before I could capture a picture!

Went to a farmer's market this week and realized summer is over...goodbye tomatoes, hello winter squash!

I am kind of sad about summer being over, but I am also really excited to eat lots of roasted squash while wearing cozy winter sweaters.

As usual, my weekend was spent in a hairnet at Costco!  It's customers like this little guy that make the hours on my feet totally worth it.  He told me that he is in love with our Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter and also that he loves our company.  Pretty darn adorable.

The last of the chard in my "garden" aka the dirt patch in the backyard with some chard in it.

Keeley is 21!!!

I made her a very colorful birthday brunch to celebrate.  The way to Keeley's heart=smoked salmon. SO good.

Now that fall is here I'm craving these sort of braised one pot dishes.  I found some inspiration from Bon Appetit.  Basically anything with meat, veggies, wine and citrus slow cooked in a dutch oven for a few hours is going to be delicious!  Cold weather I'm ready for ya.

Hope all of you had a good week and have an even better weekend!

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