Podcast #18: City Squirrels

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We have been busy squirrels -- we just got back from a long trip to the East Coast. First, we flew to Boston and sampled at Market Basket, a new chain for us!

They put up posters all over their stores and made us feel like super celebrities. Yeah, Keeley made those posters... so we kind of labelled ourselves celebrities. Humble brag?

Here we are at our sampling station, where we remained for the next 10 hours. (Yeah, we're inside a giant refrigerator... this is pre-scarf phase).

Next, we headed to NY City! Our little squirrel looks right at home in the Big Apple. We took a little longer to adjust.

We rode the subway with our best friend Lily! She has lived in the city for a couple months and is such a glam city lady already. She listens to our podcast on the subway... so listening to a podcast about us riding the subway with her is going to be CRAZY.

The stores in New York are teeny-tiny, which was hilarious to witness. This is our whole sampling station. City people were super nice to us! We loved their accents and how quickly they grocery shopped (lightning speed!).

Since we've been back we've been pursuing separate activities (not because we're sick of eachother... okay, maybe a little). Keeley has been being competitive while running and Erika has been learning to salsa! We're both hanging out with 30-40 year olds... sigh. We're not normal.

That's all for now! Thanks for listening!

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