A Week in My Life

Here are some snapshots from my week-

We were in Baltimore last week for the Natural Products Expo East- aka a huuuuge trade show full of natural and organic products.  This event attracts about 5,000 people each day!  We attended last year as well and it was great to go back.

Here we are at our booth aka the 10x10 space where we spent 8 hours a day talking to retailers, brokers, distributors, other company owners etc.  It is fun but also exhausting!

Here is a look at the main show floor.  I snapped a picture of Bob's Red Mill's booth, a fellow oregon based company! Bob was there signing books, he really does look exactly like his picture.

Some companies go all out when it comes to decorating their booth space.  Take this one for example! It was an island partay. 

Harmless Harvest is an awesome raw and organic coconut water, it's by far the best that I've ever tried.  
My sister came and visited from D.C.!  It was SO fun to have her helping us at the show.  She is very proud of K and I and always says she is our biggest fan :-)  She has no problem telling our story or giving someone every detail-which is great when K and I need a little break. 

This is where we stayed while in Baltimore.  It was a little bed and breakfast called Aunt Rebecca's...let's just say it was not your average hotel.  It was 4 stories tall, filled with funky decorations and run by a very sweet couple Joe and you guessed it...Rebecca! 

Every night after the show we escaped to the Whole Foods in downtown Baltimore and had yummy dinners from the hot bar, aka our saving grace while we are traveling!  We can always count on their being fresh, healthy options to eat.  After a day in an Expo center full of all sorts of treats that can be sampled endlessly we couldn't wait to get some fresh salads.

After the show was all said and done we enjoyed a relaxing day in downtown Baltimore by the harbor. It was b-e-a-utiful!  Since my sister and I live on opposite coasts it was such a treat to spend the weekend together.

Monday we hopped on a plane to North Carolina!  This guy was awesome.  I was taking a picture of our little plane and he insisted that I take a picture with him.  He told me I was his new homegirl.  My day was made at that point.

We were meeting with a buyer of a food chain called Food Lion, so naturally we had to take a picture with their lion poster.  We hope that he will become our new wild friend ;-)

And we of course visited the Charlotte Whole Foods!  This was an amazing store, one of the best WF I've been to.  And most importantly, it had an excellent hot bar.  We got lunch and plane snacks before heading back to the airport for our journey back to Portland.

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