Podcast #19: We Don't Know What We're Talking About

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We used to eat a lot of ketchup! Here's proof from our college days... Kale chips, anyone?

Somehow from here we got to talking about the Berenstein Bears and "Too Much Junk Food"... the candy looked awesome, but somehow those carrot sticks looked even MORE delicious!

Keeley discussed her fear of bears... discovered while backpacking in Yosemite. The rangers told her about recent sightings of a blond bear. After extensive Googling, it seems a "blond bear" can be either of these things... Not sure which is more terrifying?

We also recently took part in a VERY "Portlandia" photoshoot for About Face magazine. It involved more wild creatures...

The podcast pretty much disintigrated from there... into discussions about standing desks, truck drivers who look like babies, etc.

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