The Biking Adventures of Ariel Coleman

So I have this amazing friend named Ariel.

She and I have been friends for about 8 years...going on 9.  What wait?!  I'm just realizing how crazy that sounds!  My other friend Kendall told me that if you've been friends with someone for at least 7 years, than the likelihood of you staying friends with them your whole life is VERY high.

Ariel (and Kendall) I'm glad we've crossed that threshold. Can't wait to be old lady friends with you BOTH.

Ariel just graduated from the University of Oregon, where Keeley and I would've graduated from. Instead of moving back home or getting some sort of job right away, she decided to embark on a solo bike trip down the Pacific Coast.  Is she brave or what?!

Ariel got interested and involved in all things bike related through an outdoor program at the U of O and since last spring has been planning her epic adventure.  

She left for her trip on September 8th from the lovely little coastal town of Astoria, OR.

Here is how she mapped out the route (very impressive to say the least!)

Week one {September 8th- September 14th} Start in Astoria and make it to Brookings, Oregon.

Week two {September 15th- September 21st} North Coast California. Brookings to San Fran.

Week three { September 22nd-September 28th}. SF to BIG SUR.

Week four {September 29th - October 5th} South Coast Part One: Big Sur to Santa Barbra. 

Week five {October 6th-12th} South Coast Part Two: Santa Barbara to Santa Monica, Long Beach, Newport etc.

Week six {October 13th-October 19th} South Coast Part Three: In San Diego aka final destination!

Everyday I wake up and think, "I wonder how Ariel is today..."  Is she still asleep in her tent or is she already biking up (or down) a crazy hill, is she making new friends along the route, is she on the beach, is she tired, hungry, sick, maybe all of those things but hopefully she is happy and feeling strong.

But my worries are put to rest when either Keeley or I get a text/call from her or when we check her blog that she writes to track her journey.  This is how I know she is safe and kicking some major biking booty.

She is getting to see some beautiful sites of the Pacific Coast!

Here is her "home sweet home."

A picture from the road!

Before Ariel left we made sure to load her up with lots of our packets!  She's been eating them all along the way with apples, bread and oatmeal.  Basically the ideal fuel for an adventure like this one.

She even made us her trip sponsor!  Awwwww yeeaaaaahhh.

Her she is with packets in hand taking a break to refuel!

Ariel you inspire me to be bold and adventurous.  You remind me that life is short and shouldn't be wasted. 

I'm so proud of you for turning this trip that was once a dream into a reality.  You are amazing and I can't wait to see you when you get back!

To follow Ariel on the rest of her journey head to her awesome blog!

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