Today, we celebrate!

Today is a very important day.

Two years ago today was the first day that our products were on grocery store shelves.  New Seasons Market, a locally owned chain of natural food markets here in the Portland area, was the first chain of stores to give our products a chance!

With that said, we will always have a special connection with these stores.  Keeley and I always joke that it's our home away from home.  When we've been traveling for while, one of the things we miss most about Portland is New Seasons, not even kidding a little bit...

The past 2 years have been such an incredibly crazy, exciting whirl wind of adventures.  Thanks to all of you, our awesome supporters, for being there every step of the way.  If it weren't for you guys, Keeley and I would not be able to follow our peanut butter dreams!

Cheers to 2 years of PB magic.  We can't wait for more!

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